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Spray Granulator & coater

  • lab spray granulator YC-1000
  • lab spray granulator YC-1000
  • lab spray granulator YC-1000
lab spray granulator YC-1000lab spray granulator YC-1000lab spray granulator YC-1000

lab spray granulator YC-1000

  • Granulator capacity:1000g/batch
  • Weight:135kg
  • Spray dryer capacity:1500ml/h
  • Product description: lab spray granulator YC-1000,shanghai Pilotech,for Spary Granulating ,spray Drying ,fluidized bed dryingand Coating.

YC-1000 lab spray granulator

The world leading R&D solution for Spary Granulating /Drying / Coating

Frequently, only small quantities of expensive products are available for research, development,universities and technical colleges. But sometimes less is more –with lab Spray Granulator YC-1000 .

Developed by Shanghai Pilotech Instrument & Equipment Co., Ltd., YC-1000 laboratory spray granulator (fluidized bed granulation) combines spray dehydration and granulation focusing on large particles powder granulation in laboratory.

YC-1000 lab spray granulator More compact design

Integrated plug and play technology, ready for immediate use, simply connect power

and air compressor /blower built in. All the YC-1000 components packaged assembly and modified structure are easier to use.Dismantling the machine is easy and cleaning it is a simple matter.

YC-1000 lab spray granulator Greater efficiency

Suitable for almost all fluid bed processes: Spray Drying, granulating /agglomerating and coating using bottom-spray process.

YC-1000 lab spray granulator Greater flexibility

Flexible switch between small and high processing capacities, the labmum and maximum capacities of YC-1000 are respectively 50g and 1000g/batch. Being capable of continuous production, it is a perfect combination of minor, small and pilot scale.

YC-1000 lab spray granulator Suitable for heat-sensitive materials of easy dissolving particulates( for spray dry)

With maximum inlet air temperature reaching 200°C, it can meet high temperature drying requirements of ceramics and other materials; with labmum inlet air temperature being 105°C, it is especially suitable for spray drying of traditional Chinese medicine, extracts of natural substances and other materials with sugar content. No material will adhere to the wall during drying and materials are featured with excellent fluidity after drying.

YC-1000 lab spray granulator Controls & Functionality

YC-1000 lab spray granulator is designed to ensure that all functions are simple to select and adjust, to quickly achieve the optimum conditions for spray drying. Both use a clear touch screen display , the operator can control the following functions:

Inlet Temperature

Outlet Temperature

Airflow Volume

Pump Speed

YC-1000 lab spray granulator Two Fluid Nozzle with SUS316L stainless steel 

The stainless steel spray assembly consists of an inner tube for the liquid sample leading to a small diameter jet. An outer tube directs compressed air to the nozzle. All units are supplied with 0.7mm jets, other sizes are available as accessories.The spray assembly incorporates an automatic de-blocking device that prevents the jet nozzle from becoming blocked, the de-blocking needle is activated by an integral compressor. De-blocker is sometimes necessary with materials which may solidify or when large particles in suspension cause blockages in the jet.

YC-1000 lab spray granulator SUS 304 stainless steel

Spray chamber, cyclone separator, collector are all made of SUS 304 stainless steel & BOSILORICATE GLASS. It can work in a no-pollution and stable environment, and sight glass equipped so  the whole process can be inspected. All the spare parts are easy to install and clean.

Trusted by the users  Over 1,500 domestic customers of top universities, enterprises and research institutes use our lab spray dryer/granulator. And exported to more than 40 countries & regions such as the United States, Italy, South Korea, Mexico,Singapore, Canada, Malaysia, Chile and Russia etc.

YC-1000 lab spray granulator Wide range of applications

YC-1000 lab Spray granulator can be used in a wide range of applications where the production of a free-flowing powder sample is required.This technique has successfully processed materials in the

following areas:

Oxide • Blood • Polymers and Resins

Beverages • Flavours & Colourings

Milk & Egg Products • Plant & Vegetable Extracts

Pharmaceuticals • Heat Sensitive Materials

Plastics • Perfumes • Dyestuffs

Ceramics & Advanced Materials

Soaps & Detergents •Textiles

Foodstuffs • Adhesives

Bones, Teeth & Tooth Amalgam and many others


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