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Please contact us if you want to know more about our products,we are always ready to help you.There are many ways to contact us:you may give us a call or send an email,skype ,QQ,choose what suits you most.

Company Name: Shanghai Pilotech Instrument&Equipment Co.,Ltd

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Business office:1603, Block B Everwin Building,No.521 South Wanping Rd. Xuhui District, Shanghai,P.R.C 200032



Contact: Vicky xiang /Cathy zhao/ Jacob shao

Phone: 13311639216 13611889371

Tel: 0086-21-67899810 67899820 54243425 54243466

Email: sales@51082915.cn

Add: No.86 Yuxiu Rd. Songjiang District, Shanghai,P.R.C 201600

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