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1) High carbohydrate-containing (e.g. fruit juice, Chinese herbal medicine or natural product extracts) or thermo-sensitive materials

As most polysaccharides and disaccharides have a low melting point and carbohydrates melt when heated, and polysaccharides and disaccharides are easy to absorb moisture, general spray dryers are likely to experience sticky wall and find it difficult to get good powder or particle. In addition, enzyme preparation, viable bacteria and polymer materials easy for denaturation under high temperature are subject to inactivation or denaturation when general spray dryers are used. If inlet and outlet air temperature is reduced at this moment, better experiment effects can be achieved. YC-1800 laboratory low-temperature spray dryer and YC-2000 laboratory low-temperature dryer of Shanghai Yacheng Instrument & Equipment Co., Ltd can carry out experiments at low inlet air temperature. For instance, YC-1800 laboratory low-temperature dryer can make its inlet air temperature at 110℃ and generate satisfactory particles for general high carbohydrate materials. Some carbohydrates may have a lower melting point, but YC-2000 laboratory low-temperature dryer can complete drying at a 60- 80℃ inlet air temperature. Materials such as enzyme preparation and viable bacteria are not affected in activity at such a low temperature.

2) Materials with organic solvent or oxidizable materials

Spray drying usually encounters difficult organic solvent material drying. General organic solvents are flammable and explosive, and anti-explosion closed laboratory spray dryer makes materials circulate in closed drying system and protect organic solvent gas from external oxygen and air, which guarantees safety production. Yacheng YC-015A experimental organic solvent spray dryer adopts safe nitrogen (or other inert gas) closed circulation so that the entire system is in a closed state under online monitoring and control of oxygen concentration. When system oxygen concentration reaches 1.5%, the system will automatically resort to shutdown and alarm. YC-015A is a safe and simple laboratory organic solvent special small spray dryer which disposes combustible and poisonous solvents via closed nitrogen circulation, complete solvent recovery as well as oxidizable material drying. Also, as organic solvents have a low boiling point, low temperature drying can be used to dry materials prone to thermal denaturation.

3) Materials needing big grain powder

In some experiments researchers expect big grain samples. For example catalyst industry typically requires 100-micron particles with respect to satisfactory catalytic effect, but general spray dryers can only produce particles of no more than 30 microns. YC-1000 laboratory spray dryer can better achieve experiment purpose. YC-1000 spray granulator can both serve as a spray dryer alone to get 100-micron particles and achieve small grain powder granulation of more than 100-micron large particles.

4) Materials of poor thermo-sensitivity or needing improved solubility

Some materials can barely withstand heat with long traditional freeze drying time, and dried materials are in bulks of poor liquidity and solubility. Compared with traditional freeze drying technologies, YC-3000 laboratory spray freeze dryer has the following advantages. (1) Atomized and dispersed small droplets immediately freeze under low temperature, which weakens crystal growth, cushions crystal damage to liposome, and avoids drug leakage and burst release. (2) Frozen samples form mipor spherical particles after vacuum drying with good liquidity, and particle size can be adjusted by changing spray process. YC-3000 laboratory spray freeze dryer is suitable for low temperature drying of thermo-sensitive, viscous, active and high carbohydrate materials such as Chinese herbal medicine natural product extract, dairy product, biological agent, enzyme preparation, fruit juice and high polymer materials, etc.

For materials with direct need for nano materials, YC-3000 laboratory spray freeze dryer is also a very good choice.

5) Conventional material

Certain laboratory conventional powder preparation or material drying can choose YC-015 laboratory spray dryer due to its small size, fast speed, low noise and easy operation. In addition, 20ml materials can complete one experiment with dried powder of desirable spherical formation and normally distributed particle size. What’s worth mentioning is that this type has spray head water cooling device and wall purging function, which greatly expands application scope of laboratory spray dryer.


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